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Wedding photographer, Uppsala - August Järpemo

Wedding photographer Uppsala
August Järpemo

Congratulations on the engagement and what fun that you have found here to perpetuate this wonderful day! I’m the photographer who feels comfortable with the camera and it will not feel either. We will have fun together without stress and believe me when I say that nervousness is both natural and can be captured well in a picture!

You deserve a comfortable photographer

Getting you to be relaxed and have fun is something that is always included in my wedding packages! We talk and take the time we need, with me close at hand you do not have to keep track of time or planning, I will keep track of you!

The photographer who is there for you

My superpower is to make bridal couples comfortable and have fun while we shoot! I want to convey your dream day as a Wedding Story and show you what wonderful feelings are captured in the picture!

I'm your


Fotograf August Järpemo Bröllopsfotograf

Weddingphotographer UPPSALA

Being a wedding photographer is the best feeling I know! My photo style is romantic and relaxed, loves to capture dynamics and intimate situations. The core of the inspiration is Storytelling where the focus is on authenticity and sincerity.

How does it work?


We start with you sending a request to me and then we take it from there, we create a contact and review the availability.

Book a meeting

We book a meeting either online or a coffee at a café to get to know each other and see if we match!

Select package

Choose the package that suits you best, do you want time for nervous hours, the preparations for, the cake cutting or the first dance?

Secure a date

We secure your date by signing a marriage contract with BankID. You should feel safe that I am booked for your day!

Good to know

Wedding meeting

Jag vill lära känna er! Vi träffas online eller över en fika och pratar igenom dagen. Vi ser till att vi förstår varandra och känner att vi klickar – en matchning helt enkelt!

All images

I want to tell you about your day! I do this through my storytelling in pictures and you will get all approved pictures delivered. Delivery time may vary, but is usually 2-4 weeks. During the high season, it can take extra.


I am there for you before the big day, on the wedding day and the time after! In addition, when you are with me on the wedding day, you do not need any phones or watches to tell you what time it is, I keep track of it for you!

Booking fee

To guarantee that I will arrive at your date, the booking fee will be 50% of the amount. It is sent after the wedding meeting and is for 30 days.


I shoot with dual memory cards and always have two cameras with me in case something unpredictable should happen. All images are saved and backed up. After delivery, you take over the responsibility for backing up the images.


Of course you can share the wedding photos with loved ones, but remember to always state me as a photographer and not to change the photos in any way. The images may also not be sold to third parties.


Edited images

Pictures are like poetry and I want to tell you a story as a Storyteller.

Each image is carefully edited from your special day when the whole atmosphere, feeling and genuineness of the day will be told forever.

My photography
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Fotosidan Bröllopsfotograf August Järpemo
Perfect before

guide (swe)

Find your


Se my


Let's start our

Wedding adventure

We’ll create your Story with all your intimacy, candid moments and beautiful moments. Let’s have a coffee togeather and see if we’re a match ♥
(Free of charge of course=

Prices from 6500 sek

Woop Woop!
Ditt mail har skickats

Awesome! Jag hör av mig så snart jag kan och tills dess – ha en underbar dag!

// August

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